Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Use apply to all services provided by GoMyWay, and incorporate herein, its Terms of Use for other countries in which GoMyWay provides similar services.

Defined Terms For The Purpose of This Agreement

“Car Sharing” implies the sharing of a Vehicle by a Car Owner conveying a Co-Traveler for a Trip in return for a Trip Contribution;

“Conditions” mean these General Conditions of Use.

“Trip Contribution” implies the sum concurred between the Car Owner and the Co-Traveler in connection to the Trip which is payable by the Co-Traveler as his/her commitment towards the expenses of the Trip.

“Co-Traveler” implies a Member who has acknowledged an offer to be transported by a Car Owner and incorporates every single other individual who go with such Member in the Vehicle for the Trip.

“Car Owner” means a Member who through the Site offers to share a car journey with a Co-Traveller in exchange for the Trip Contribution.

“Member” implies a registered user of the Site.

“Service” implies any service provided by GoMyWay through the Site to any Member.

“Site” means www.GoMyWay.com and any other website maintained or operated by GoMyWay including any microsites or sub-sites offered.

“Trip” implies a given trip in connection to which a Car Owner and a Co-Traveler have settled upon an exchange through the Site.

“User Account” implies an account with the Site opened by a Member and utilized as a part of request to get to the Service offered by GoMyWay through the Site.

“Vehicle” implies the vehicle offered by a Car Owner for Car Sharing.

1. Acceptance of Conditions

The Conditions apply to any utilization of the Site by a Member. By utilizing the Site, the Members connote their acknowledgement to these Conditions in full and consent to be bound by them .

No entrance to the Services will be allowed unless the Conditions are acknowledged in full. In the event that a Member does not consent to the Conditions, such Member may not utilize the Services.

All Members consent to agree to the Conditions and acknowledge that their own information may be handled as per the Privacy Policy.

If any Member neglects to agree to any of the Conditions, GoMyWay holds the privilege, yet not the commitment at its own particular tact, to withdraw the User Account being referred to and suspend or withdraw all Services to that Member without notification.

2. Modifications of the Conditions, Site and Service

GoMyWay claims all authority to alter the terms at any time. Furthermore, GoMyWay may amend any part of the Site at any time without notification and obligation to Users. Any alteration made will take effect when such changes are published on the Site. You are in charge of consistently reviewing this Agreement.

Continued usage of the GoMyWay Site or Services after any such changes shall constitute your agreement to such changes.

Changes will not be applicable to any bookings which have been made before production of the altered Conditions.

3.Use Of The Service

User Account and Accuracy of Information

To utilize the Services every Member must make a User Account and consents to give any individual data asked for by GoMyWay. Specifically, Members will be obliged to give their first name, last name, age, title, valid phone number and email address. Utilization of the Site is restricted to those above 18 years as at the time of registration.

Individuals concur and acknowledge that the greater part of the data they give to GoMyWay when setting up their User Account and at whatever other time shall be genuine and accurate in all regards. Individuals likewise concur that any data supplied to GoMyWay or posted on the Site regarding any Trip, Vehicle or Car Sharing will be genuine, precise and valid.

Individuals concur and comprehend that GoMyWay does not conduct any checks to affirm the precision of any data given by the Members on the Site or to a Car Owner or Co-Traveler, as the case maybe. GoMyWay will not be obligated to any Member if any data gave by another Member is false, fragmented, off base, deluding or deceitful.

Unless explicitly concurred by GoMyWay, Members can only possess one user account. No User Account may be made in representation of or to imitate someone else.

No Commercial Activity

The Site and the Services are entirely constrained to giving a Service to Car Owners and Co-Travelers to auto partake in a private limit. The Services may not be utilized to offer or acknowledge car sharing for contract or reward or for benefit or in any business or expert setting. The Services may be utilized just to offer or acknowledge car sharing in return for sharing the expense of the Trip between the Car Owner and the Co-Traveler.

Car Owners concur not to acquire any contract or remunerate or make benefit in any structure, from any Trip. The Service and the Trip Contribution shall just be utilized to release the Car Owner's expenses and may not be utilized to create any contracting charges or compensate or benefit in any structure for the Car Owner. The Car Owner is not qualified to make benefit by ideals of the measure of the Trip Contribution, the sorts of Trips offered by a Car Owner, the recurrence of such Trips or the quantity of Co-Travelers transported.

All Trips, departure and destination points must be pre-agreed through the Site between the Car Owner and Co-Traveler. Car Owners may not pick-up Co-Travelers from any area which has not been pre-agreed with the Co-Traveler through the Site.

GoMyWay shall not be in for any misfortune or harm brought about by a Member as an after effect of when a Car Owner (in break of these terms) offers Services through the Site in an expert or business limit (in this way possibly refuting their protection) and break of any understanding between the Car Owner and the Co-Traveler. Any offering of Trips infringing upon the Conditions should be at the sole hazard of such Member and GoMyWay shall have no obligation towards Members for such infringement.

What We Do

GoMyWay does not provide transport services through this site. The Site simply facilitates communication between Members so as to transact with each other. GoMyWay does not meddle with Trips, destinations or timings. The understanding for car sharing is between the Car Owner and the Co-Traveler. GoMyWay is not a party to any understanding between Members. GoMyWay is not and will not act as an any Member’s agent.

Any breach of these Conditions will offer ascent to quick suspension of such Member's User Account and they may be limited from getting to any further Services.

Booking and Payment

GoMyWay offers a free service which permits Members to contact one another to organize car sharing.

GoMyWay's Service is free. The Co-Traveler will contact the Car Owner straightforwardly to orchestrate a car offer and any travel conditions (whether smoking is allowed, whether pets are allowed, whether music can be played and so on). Individuals acknowledge that given the way GoMyWay operates and the fact that it offers a free service, Car Owners and Co-Travelers will have no response to GoMyWay for any part of the exchange incorporating in connection to dropping, sudden changes, disappointment by the Car Owner or the Co-Traveler to turn up or non-payment of the Trip Contribution. Specifically, it is the Car Owner's obligation to gather Trip contribution from the Co-Traveler before or during the trip.

GoMyWay does not ensure that the Site will be practical at all times and Services may be suspended amid such period when the Site is not in operation. GoMyWay won't be obligated to any of the Members in the event that where the Site is non-operational.

4. Car Owner and Co-Traveler Obligations

Car Owner's obligations

The Car Owner concurs:

That the Trip should not be for any unlawful or criminal action.

That you have a substantial, unexpired driver's permit in your name, which contains no limitations on your capacity to drive others;

That You own or have the lawful right to drive the vehicle you are utilizing to transport travelers booked through GoMyWay;

That Your vehicle is in great working condition and meets standard benchmarks and all appropriate legitimate necessities for a vehicle of its kind;

That they will secure for the Vehicle, a comprehensive insurance policy, which gives protection to the co-travelers.

That they will be at the agreed meeting point on time with the specified Vehicle;

That you have not given what we consider to be an irrational or extreme number or recurrence of rides to travelers booked through GoMyWay. We may screen your action levels and maintain whatever authority is needed to end your usage of the site if you are surpassing these levels or generally utilizing GoMyWay as a feature of an expert driving service or taxi service;

That you are physically and mentally fit to drive your vehicle;

That you will be exclusively in charge of all obligation related to the operation of your vehicle, including without limit, demise, real harm, and harm to property;

That they will quickly inform all Co-Travelers of any change at all to the Trip.

In the event that the Car Owner chooses to change any part of the Trip, the Car Owner agrees to contact all Co-Travelers who have made a booking in connection to that Trip and to acquire the agreement of all Co-Travelers to the change. In the event that a Co-Traveler denies the change, they are qualified for a full discount and with no remuneration being paid to the Car Owner.

That you won't segregate or pester anybody on the premise of their race, religion, sex, ethnicity, sexualorientation, medical condition, conjugal status, physical or mental incapacity, or age.

That the Car Owner must sit tight for the Co-Traveler at the pickup point for no less than 30 minutes after the concurred time (on the other hand, the Co-Traveler is relied upon to be prompt).

That you will comply with all traffic and state laws concerning rides offered using your vehicle;

That you will be singularly responsible of any such infringement on traffic and other state laws;

That you will not use the services on goMyWay or offer rides as a public driver or taxi service;

Co-Traveler obligations

The Co-Traveler concurs:

That the Trip might not be for any false, unlawful or criminal action.

That they will be at the agreed departure point on time and at the spot concurred with the Car Owner;

That they will instantly inform the Car Owner or GoMyWay in the event that they want to cancel a Trip.

The Co-Traveler consents to sit tight at the pickup point for no less than 30 minutes after the concurred time for the Car Owner to arrive.

That they will pay the Trip Contribution to the Car Owner.

On the off chance that the Co-Traveler or Car Owner neglect to follow any of these terms or some other Conditions GoMyWay maintains whatever authority is needed to keep data identifying with the break, to distribute or uncover this data on the Member's online profile and to suspend or withdraw the Member's entrance to the Site.

5. Disclaimer Of Liability

Members shall make use of the Services on the Site at their own risk and utilizing their best and judicious judgment before going into any agreement with other Members through the Site. GoMyWay will not be subject nor in charge of any activities or inactions of Members nor any breach of conditions, representations or guarantees by the Members. GoMyWay therefore explicitly renounces any obligation and risk emerging out of the utilization of the Site.

GoMyWay explicitly renounces any warranties or representations (express or inferred) in appreciation of Trips, exactness, reliability and culmination of data given by Members on the Site. GoMyWay will take precautions to avoid inaccuracies in content of the Site. However, all content are provided as they are without warranty of any kind. GoMyWay certainly does not support any of the Members profiting Services from the Site.

GoMyWay is not a party to any agreement between a Car Owner and Co-Traveler and will not be subject to either the Car Owner or the Co-Traveler unless the misfortune or harm brought about emerges because of GoMyWay's carelessness.

GoMyWay shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of:

A false, deceptive, off base or fragmented data being given by a Member;

The cancellation of a Trip by a Car Owner or Co-Traveler;

Any inability to pay the agreed Trip Contribution.

Any extortion, false deception or breach of obligation or break of any of these Conditions by a Car Owner or Co-Traveler before, during or after a Trip.

GoMyWay won't be obligated to any Member for any business, financial or economic loss or for any consequential or indirect loss such as lost reputation, lost bargain, lost profit or savings or lost opportunity arising as a result of the services provided by GoMyWay (whether endured or acquired as an aftereffect of GoMyWay's carelessness or otherwise) with the exception of on account of misrepresentation, wilful fraud or robbery.

Given that Car Owners are obliged to hold legitimate protection to cover a Trip and given that GoMyWay's service is constrained to putting Car Owners and Co-Travelers in contact with one another and can not supervise any Trip, Members acknowledge that the limits on the GoMyWay's risk set out above are sensible.

6. Content Provided by Members

Members expressly grant permission to GoMyWay to display content provided by them and to use it for any of our business purposes.

Members are required not to publish any defamatory, misleading or offensive content or any content which infringes any other person’s intellectual property rights.

7. Law And Jurisdiction

These terms shall be governed by the law of Nigeria and any disputes arising in relation to these terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Nigeria.