Trust & Safety


...We collect information that people with bad intentions would hesitate to give out.

Every GoMyWay user is advised to undergo our 4-level ID verification process which consist of: Phone number, Email, Facebook and a valid government-issued ID – Voters card, Driver’s License, National ID card. This allows us carry out necessary checks to authenticate members’ identities. The verification process also confirms that no member is anonymous, as the Facebook link allows you to view other members’ social profile.

It is advised that each user, before joining a ride or accepting a join-ride request, look out for the verification level which is displayed on the user’s profile. It is worthy to note that ‘the higher your level of verification, the better your chance of finding a ride buddy.’


...No one is anonymous. It’s the only mode of transportation that enables you get to know your co-travelers before hand.

Every user is expected to create a profile that allows other members get to know them before sharing a ride. A User profile includes information such as profile photo, short bio, a link to their facebook profile, reviews/ratings and verification level.



You’ll get to know what other people think about a fellow Gomyway member.

On GoMyWay, trust is key! Members can review and rate each other after a ride, thereby increasing the trust of others. A user can read the reviews and see the ratings of other users before sharing a ride with them.

Users are not allowed to leave a review or rating for any member they have not shared a ride with, unless you agreed to share a ride and the member did not show up. Rates and reviews are expected to be sincere, as they help other members decide on whether or not to join a ride.


GoMyWay has a team that checks and moderates members interactions with each other. The team also verifies and scrutinizes member’s profiles, rides posted, requests, ID details, comments and reviews.



Ultimately, you get to choose whoever you ride with on GoMyWay, either as a car owner or as a passenger. It is advisable that you go through the details of another member before choosing to share a ride with the person.

Passengers are expected to search for available rides for their routes and request to join the ride after going through the profile of the car owners. The car owner is notified in case of a request to join their ride, and in turn, accepts or denies a request after going through the member’s profile as well.


At GoMyWay, we have a dedicated and committed team of individuals who are assigned to assist you with finding available rides, as well as to answer whatever questions, feedbacks and complaints you may have regarding a ride or a user.